Sunday, May 26, 2019
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OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T: An alternative to iPhone X?

When talking about OnePlus 5T we have to remember that in recent years OnePlus has differentiated itself from its competition as the flagship killer, as that mobile phone that for little money offered us...
iPhone X face ID

How to cheat iPhone X Face ID

Cheatings for iPhone X are on internet. And now the most important one is the process to trick the iPhone X Face ID, an easy system which is able to let you get inside...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: Features, price and…innovation?

Today, we bring very interesting about what, possibly, is the new Samsung Galaxy S9. After knowing when the mass production will begin and receive some leaks of its design and screen. We will know...
microsoft vulnerability

Microsoft Vulnerability was Discovered after 17 Years Hidden

Currently there are many veteran software developments; this opens the door to bugs and security flaws that are present for years. But I’m here to talk about a new Microsoft vulnerability which was a...
Terdot Malware

Terdot Malware will steal your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Some days ago a friend talk to me about Terdot Malware, a new and interesting malware that appeared on internet. While talking about it I can’t stop thinking about the new hackers techniques to...
Black Hat SEO Techniques

8 Black Hat SEO techniques used for hackers to violate your security!

Black Hat SEO is normally used by hackers to coordinate attacks to your information. But, how does the hacker use Black Hat SEO techniques? Why does a hacker use it? In this article I’ll...
iPhone X news

iPhone X Problems: Read this before buying new iPhone!

iPhone X phone was on the market the last weeks, and now some users are talking about some iPhone X problems. However, Apple is doing its best to solve them; here we bring you...
esim card technology tips

eSim Card: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Virtual Card

eSim card was on the market from some years ago. Anyway, we decided to bring you an article about eSim card. It is an option for Android smartphones to have more versatility and control. Smartphones...
Zeus Panda Banking Trojan

Zeus Panda Banking Trojan: Black Hat SEO used for hackers

Zeus Panda Banking Trojan: Black Hat SEO used for hackers to steal your bank info Zeus Panda Banking is showing that the cybercrime is not limited to repeating patterns of malicious behavior without more, but...
fake movie maker

Fake Movie Maker on Internet: Protect you from Hackers!

Fake Movie Maker appeared on internet, so hackers improve their tactics every day. That’s why they are using old programs to develop new scams. Here, we will bring you everything about the fake Movie...

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