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How to Setup Local DNF Repository on RHEL 8 Server using...

Local YUM or DNF Server
Finally Red Hat released their best optimized operating system “RHEL 8“. They have changed many features and increased performances than the previous version of...

Instant Messaging Server Installation using Openfire in Linux 7

Instant Messaging
Openfire is a real time collaboration (RTC) server licensed under the Open Source Apache License. It is also known as Jabber. It uses the...

Q2: Installing and Updating Software Packages | RHCSA Exam Questions and...

Today i will discuss question number two of Linux System Admin RHCSA EX200 Exam. This question usually asks to configure local yum repository with...

YUM and FTP Server Configuration in RHEL 7 (Step by Step)

YUM and FTP Server Configuration
To show the mounted DVD or ISO image of RHEL-7.0. # df  -h /dev/sr0 3.5G 3.5G 0 100% /run/media/root/RHEL-7.0 Server.x86_64 This command will enter the all rpm...

NTP Server Client Configuration using Mikrotik Router and Linux OS

How to Configure Linux OS as NTP Client with NTP Server as Mikrotik Router:

Primary DNS Server Installation and Configuration in CentOS 7

Primary DNS
Today i will show you how to install and configure DNS Server step by step. I will install and configure Primary DNS Server in...


fake movie maker

Fake Movie Maker on Internet: Protect you from Hackers!

Fake Movie Maker appeared on internet, so hackers improve their tactics every day. That’s why...
KRACK Attack on Wi-Fi Network

KRACK Attack: How to guarantee Wi-Fi Network Security?

KRACK attack made the WPA2 connection vulnerable. And now we must take measures to guarantee...
Protect PC from Malware

How to Protect PC from Malware with these 5 Tools

Today, To Protect PC from malware, one of the most pervasive threats to computers and...
Malware Adobe Flash

Malware in Adobe: The New Attack from BlackOasis

The Malware in Adobe has given much to talk about and since threats to computer security...
wi-fi protection

Wi-Fi protection: Ways to protect Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi protection: Why is it so important? It is becoming a serious issue. Already there...
reset iphone

How to Reset iPhone or iPad or iPod

In case you are selling or you want to repair your iPhone or iPad, you may need to reset iphone in order to delete your...
Android Tricks

8 Android Tricks To Make Your Life Easier!

The tricks for Android have stopped being used only by programmers. Now more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of knowing...
security apps for android

Top 20: Security Apps for Android you should have!

Security apps for Android are important. And we know that Android phones are a gem of technology, so you should take care of security...
Kodak Ektra

Kodak Ektra: Photographic Smartphone for Halloween Photography

The KODAK EKTRA photo smartphone, created by Eastman Kodak Company and Bullitt Group, is the perfect ally to capture and retouch images. Since, it...
smartphone screen

Smartphone Screen and things you should know now!

Nowadays, one of the elements that we value the most when buying a new smartphone is the screen. But sometimes we get lost between...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: Features, price and…innovation?

Today, we bring very interesting about what, possibly, is the new Samsung Galaxy S9. After knowing when the mass production will begin and receive...