Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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YUM and FTP Server Configuration

YUM and FTP Server Configuration in RHEL 7 (Step by Step)

To show the mounted DVD or ISO image of RHEL-7.0. # df  -h /dev/sr0 3.5G 3.5G 0 100% /run/media/root/RHEL-7.0 Server.x86_64 This command will enter the all rpm packages directory from media DVD or local disk iso image. #...
Primary DNS

Primary DNS Server Installation and Configuration in CentOS 7

Today i will show you how to install and configure DNS Server step by step. I will install and configure Primary DNS Server in Linux 7 operating system. DNS stands for Domain Name System which...
Xiaomi Mi 6X

Xiaomi Mi 6X (Mi A2): The Most Popular Brand

Xiaomi is easily one of the most popular brand in the entire world. They are consistently launching new products in regular interval. There is a new launching form them now.  They launched Xiaomi Mi...
4 great inventions

4 Great Inventions that Improve Our Life

Every year we are getting some great inventions to improve our life in a positive way. There is an invention almost every day. Some are useful and some are not. We find new ways...
IMAX screen

IMAX Screen: World’s Most Immersive Movie Experience

Well if we ask a person what is IMAX? They can easily google and find out that IMAX is a bigger screen compare to the regular once. They will narrow it down to, it...
Elon Musk spaceX

Elon Musk New Mask Help You Pretend To Be A Billionaire

Most of us don’t know how it feels like when you are a billionaire. Maybe your dream about becoming a billionaire will not come true but now you are able put on a free...
Cisco Packet Tracer

Quick Download Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 Free (Direct Downlink Link)

Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 is now available in our website. You can download free from direct download link and can install it easily. If you are a student studying CCNA and CCNP then Cisco Packet...
NSA hacked

NSA Hacked: How does it affect your IT Security?

Is the NSA Hacked or hackable? Everybody talks about NSA hacked these days and last year there was a serious hacking of the NSA by the Shadow Brokers group. There they stole important tools that...
smartphone screen

Smartphone Screen and things you should know now!

Nowadays, one of the elements that we value the most when buying a new smartphone is the screen. But sometimes we get lost between the acronyms and figures of the technical characteristics. In the...
water resistant mobile

Water Resistant Mobile: Things you should take care

Everything you need to know about water resistant mobiles. Surely you've heard about the water resistant mobile, maybe you even have one. What began as a breakthrough and novel functionality is becoming easier to...