Sunday, December 4, 2022
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microsoft vulnerability

Microsoft Vulnerability was Discovered after 17 Years Hidden

Currently there are many veteran software developments; this opens the door to bugs and security flaws that are present for years. But I’m here to talk about a new Microsoft vulnerability which was a...
Terdot Malware

Terdot Malware will steal your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Some days ago a friend talk to me about Terdot Malware, a new and interesting malware that appeared on internet. While talking about it I can’t stop thinking about the new hackers techniques to...
iPhone X news

iPhone X Problems: Read this before buying new iPhone!

iPhone X phone was on the market the last weeks, and now some users are talking about some iPhone X problems. However, Apple is doing its best to solve them; here we bring you...
esim card technology tips

eSim Card: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Virtual Card

eSim card was on the market from some years ago. Anyway, we decided to bring you an article about eSim card. It is an option for Android smartphones to have more versatility and control. Smartphones...
fake movie maker

Fake Movie Maker on Internet: Protect you from Hackers!

Fake Movie Maker appeared on internet, so hackers improve their tactics every day. That’s why they are using old programs to develop new scams. Here, we will bring you everything about the fake Movie...
buy cheap iphone

7 Places to Buy Cheap iPhone: Find your iPhone at the best price!

Today, to buy cheap iphone can be a task to which all Apple lovers who cannot buy their new release embark. Here is a list of the best places to buy cheap iphone and...
types of computer virus

Types of computer virus: List of computer viruses!

There are many types of computer virus today. However, here we present a list of most common viruses so that you are attentive and never hack you. Protecting your computer against hackers is an...
cool tricks for iphone

Cool Tricks for iPhone 8 you should know!

The Cool tricks for iPhone 8 are incredible, and if you seemed to know everything about this piece of apple art, you're wrong. The technology advances very fast and that is why we have...
language translator apps

Best Language Translator Apps for Smartphone our TOP 5!

Discover the best language translator apps that help you learn a language better. Do you dream of learning Chinese, German, Spanish or English? Today in technology-tips we bring you a compilation of the best...
computer virus

Computer Virus: Most Famous Cyber Attacks in History!

The computer virus is becoming a more serious threat. Whether you prefer to call it Malware or virus, you must take into account a number of aspects to combat them. Therefore, as an example...