About Us

Technology has advanced to levels not seen before. However, although the internet is large, it has not managed to cover all the norm and advances in technology in today’s world. That is why this website is born, as a way to facilitate the compression of new technologies, providing quality content to all the public present on the web.

This website is open to all the people of the world who want to know more about the world of technology and for that it has a wide range of qualified writers, a technical web service and social networks to help spread the information of the day to day .

I am Shyamal Byswas, creator of this website, and I have always focused on helping people understand technology. I am a lover of the new advances of our society and sharing them is my way of helping to improve and contribute to the internet world.

You can find me on the social networks of the website or you can also write to the mail. Do not hesitate to follow me on my social media accounts; I always publish useful information about technology. See you in a post of this wonderful website that I hope you like as much as me!