Kodak Ektra: Photographic Smartphone for Halloween Photography


The KODAK EKTRA photo smartphone, created by Eastman Kodak Company and Bullitt Group, is the perfect ally to capture and retouch images. Since, it allows us to play with the manual photography mode to get new effects both in portrait photos, as in photos in low light environments. Below, we present some useful tips for all those who dare to photograph.

Functions: Take the best Halloween photography with Kodak Ektra

Among the functions of this Kodak Ektra, and its usability for this Halloween. I wanted to highlight the ones that help the most to obtain the best Halloween photography. One that only a photographic smartphone can offer today.

Photographing the detail: On this night, putting the objective in what catches our attention can result in incredible and unexpected photos. Using the macro function of the KODAK EKTRA Smartphone will allow us to photograph any texture, combination of colors or shape. These details taken out of context can result in a terrifyingly original photo that occupies the entire plane. Getting Halloween photography will be much simpler.

Ghostly blur: Becoming a ghost for a day is also possible with a little imagination. Thus, a longer shutter speed will produce a motion blur that will cause the silhouette to blur with the background. Creating thus, a spectral image of great visual power. If we want to be the ones portrayed, we will have to use the tripod and the selfie mode. To achieve this terrifying image of ourselves with photographic smartphone Kodak Ektra!

Black and white: If you are a fan of old photos or you think you can enhance the old effect of a decoration or a costume. You can shoot the photos with black and white mode. The result, in addition to vintage, will highlight the effects of lights and shadows or the pallor of a ghostly face.

The results of using this photographic smartphone are undoubtedly great. Being able to create Halloween photography in a matter of seconds.

Cheats for taking Halloween photography with Kodak Ektra

Light from below:  Here, with the help of a flashlight or a candle will give us a directional light from a lower point. In this case we will not use the flash and we will hold the Kodak Ektra smartphone well to avoid unwanted movements. In this way the shadows will be marked and will project upwards exaggerating facial features.

See everything from another angle: Playing with the angles of the shots, as well as different perspectives can also be a very interesting resource. By using a low point of view can enhance the effect of a person lurking. For example, Photographing the children bending down to their height, will result in a terrifying image.

Now you know how to take the best pictures for Halloween. You just need creativity, the versatility of the Kodak Ektra photo smartphone and time. You can even use it to create images for your business marketing campaign, thinking beyond Halloween.

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