Computer Virus: Most Famous Cyber Attacks in History!


The computer virus is becoming a more serious threat. Whether you prefer to call it Malware or virus, you must take into account a number of aspects to combat them. Therefore, as an example today we bring you on technology tips the most famous computer viruses in history!

What is a computer virus?

Viruses are computer programs that try to alter the operation of the computer, without the user being aware of it. These, generally, infect other files of the system with the intention of modifying them to intentionally destroy files or data on your computer.

Thus, there are a few more harmless that are just annoying. Here I bring you a list of computer viruses most famous in history:

The most famous computer virus in history!

Cryptolocker: Archives kidnapped!

When it comes to malware, ransomware is the new guy in the block. While most people can confuse names like ‘Trojan’, ‘virus’ and ‘spyware’. They are often not very familiar with ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of malware that takes your hostage files. Do you remember in the movies when the bad guy kidnaps someone and threatens in exchange for money? Ransomware that works in a similar way, except the computer is the hostage of a bad guy without a face.

Published in September 2013, cryptolocker spreads via e-mail attachments and has the skills to encrypt the user’s files.

The hackers then send a decryption key in exchange for a sum of money. Usually, somewhere from a few hundred pounds to a couple of large ones.

Although in many computers with viruses, if the victims do not pay until they will lose all their files. Now is a good time to always remember to make a copy of your files!

The cost of malicious programs: With 500,000 victims, cryptolocker made more than $ 30 million in 100 days.

Email Computer Virus: MyDoom

MyDoom is the most harmful virus ever released, and with a name like MyDoom, can you expect anything less?

This computer virus, is an email worm based on spreading faster every time. MyDoom was a strange year, as it hit tech companies like SCO, Microsoft and Google with a distributed denial of service attack.

As well as technology guidance companies, MyDoom carried junk mail through infected computers. And with the text that said: “Andy; I’m just doing my job, it’s nothing personal, I’m sorry” Who was Andy? We will never know.

In 2004, more or less between 16-25% of all emails had MyDoom in the world.

The cost of malicious programs: $ 38 billion.

Sasser and Netsky: Computer Virus

17-year-old Sven Jaschan created Sasser and Netsky, two worms, in the first noughties. Sasser and Netsky are actually two separate worms, but they are often together because the similarities in the code that make believe the same person created them.

Sasser spreads through infected computers by scanning random IP addresses, giving them instructions to download the virus. Netsky was the most familiar worm on email. Still, Netsky was actually a more viral computer virus, and caused a lot of problems in 2004.

A German student, Jaschan was arrested when several blows were reported to the police. It speculates that Jaschan actually made the viruses to create business for his mother. Because he was under 18 when he wrote the virus, Jaschan passed his prison sentence on parole.

Even more interesting is Jaschan’s motivation. MyDoom spreads quickly at the moment and Jaschan, a novice coder, wanted to see what would happen if his failure could spread faster than MyDoom. Things quickly intensified from there.

Sasser was so effective that he actually ground a third of the post offices in Taiwan to a high, closed 130 branches of a Finnish bank, and forced rail and transatlantic flights to stop.

Cost of malware: Around $ 31 billion.

UIWIX: The new computer virus 2017

The computer virus, called UIWIX, encrypts and renames documents taking advantage of a flaw in the Windows operating system. In this way, experts ask users to install the latest available update.

Although no infection has been recorded in China, the virus spread to other countries and alerted in May this year. The UIWIX ‘ransomware’ happens to WannaCry, but without a switch, and with the same self-reproducing capabilities that allow it to spread quickly.

Many computer viruses are now in the world and it’s important to keep yourself informed. Now, you know the most famous computer virus in the history and how they work. Be aware in the future when downloading things on internet, and share this article if it was interesting. Also, find more articles to protect your computer against virus here. See you!