Terdot Malware will steal your Facebook and Twitter Accounts


Some days ago a friend talk to me about Terdot Malware, a new and interesting malware that appeared on internet. While talking about it I can’t stop thinking about the new hackers techniques to steal information from you. That’s why I decided to write about Terdot Malware today. I hope you can find the best info for you and to keep your devices safe.

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Terdot Malware: The malware that steal your Facebook and Twitter

A group of researchers from the security firm Bitdefender discovered Terdot, a malware that aims to steal your bank’s keys and your Facebook account. It also steals Twitter accounts and other social networks, as well as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and other email providers.Terdot Malware

According to the report, it is a virus such like Zeus, a banking Trojan that has been active for many years and of which there are many variants. However, it integrates modern espionage capabilities to attack social media and e-mail accounts, in addition to stealing financial information. Terdot malware is active since mid-2016 and can steal information from the browser or inject malicious HTML code into visited web pages.

The malware is spread through phishing campaigns that attach a PDF file that, if opened, executes a JavaScript code. In turn, it installs the Trojan on the computer and is designed not to be undetectable by antivirus programs. Therefore, it is able to bypass the security systems of the equipment.

How does Terdot Malware work?

Once on the PC, the virus is into the browser processes to monitor Internet traffic, steal credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or Yahoo Mail, or introduce spyware JavaScript code. “The malware has the ability to intercept all browser traffic, this includes HTTPS traffic, forging SSL certificates,” Bitdefender experts said in a statement. “It saves specific information, injects custom HTML and JavaScript into victim websites, and sends data to C & C servers.”facebook attack

Researchers warn that it is a malware that stands out for its effectiveness in stealing passwords, which makes it a dangerous weapon of cyber espionage. To avoid being a victim of these types of threats, be extremely careful with attachments and try not to follow links that do not inspire confidence.

How to eliminate Terdot Malware?

I personally recommend using Spyhunter software. This is software that can detect many malwares on the computer, because its function is only that, and then help you to eliminate the problem on your PC.

This method will remove EVERY malware that SpyHunter can detect on your PC, even if they are on your browsers. This is one of my favorites programs that I’ve been using some months ago and the program is used easily. I will let you a link to download the software HERE.

Don’t hesitate on contacting me if you have any doubt about using or removing Terdot Malware. PC protection is one of the most important things now and we have to work so hard to guarantee it. Also, share this article to keep your friends informed about every new in the IT Security world. See you!