How is Technology Changing the World Today


Life flows day by day, sometimes without noticing everything that comes with it. For some, to greet us and kiss us good morning, is the nourishment of our soul to continue; for others, having a good job, good economic position and a family, is enough and for others, is the knowledge that we can be close to ours with the simple click of a computer mouse. For each and every one of us, the priorities are established and that is an aspect that we can’t judge. So, today we bring you an article about how technology is changing the world. I hope you like it!

Technology is changing the world … and fast!

For no one is a secret that technology is changing the world and, likewise, its advances are huge. Therefore, things that we previously thought impossible now begin to be closer and real than we imagine. The first important technological advance, and that has accelerated the processes of technological change around the world, is the internet. Allowing access to information and improving communication between humans is the biggest breakthrough that shows how technology is changing the world and breaking down barriers.

On the one hand, scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have used functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study the visual cortex and be able to decode brain activity in images. This technology may have future applications to help patients in coma or people who suffered a stroke, could even serve to decode dreams.

On the other hand, scientists from the University of California at San Diego have developed the first telescopic contact lens. People equipped with such a lens can expand their vision from a distance. The technological improvement is being considered for military use, but for now it is only being developed for the treatment of macular degeneration. Clinical trials will begin in November of this year. Undoubtedly, one of the fields in which technology is changing the world is medical.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, researchers are printing with live cells. In the near future, the waiting list for organ transplants will be a thing of the past. Likewise, thanks to a substance called “graphene”, it will soon be possible to charge the battery of mobile phones or electric cars in a matter of seconds or minutes. The new world is even closer than we thought with technology.

Robotic telepresence: an important technological change.

In our website we always like to give you the best information regarding technology, so we decided to give you some progress of what will be tomorrow, today! Robotic telepresence is without doubt one of the technologies that are changing the world.

Many of the tasks we normally do in the office can be done at home; we can share and discuss documents and have access to videoconferences. But beyond that the most exciting is the potential of robotic telepresence. These relatively simple systems; using cameras, microphones, loudspeakers and screens, are already being used in medicine, so surgeons use robotic telepresence to work in surgery rooms thousands of miles away.

Global trade is influencing technological changes

With the elimination of the trade restrictions of different types of currency and state borders, and the advent of a telepresence multilingual and multicultural workforce with a variety of time zones, it would seem prohibitive and unnecessary for many companies to be linked to a particular country, or have something like a headquarters.

Technology will erode one by one all the barriers that prevented small businesses from trading internationally. Actually, real-time voice translators are starting to appear on the market thanks to mobile applications, one of the ways technology is changing the world, is the approach of humans.

Artificial intelligence: The gem of technology

These advances are only part of a broader trend where autonomous robots will play an increasingly important role in our lives; robot cleaners already patrol the Tokyo skyscrapers during the night.

Although humans will always be better for certain tasks, there is no doubt that robots will be something very common in our lives over the next few decades (even if they are not as impressive as the Japanese super-robot Pilotable Kuratas).


Technology is undoubtedly a tool that can be very useful for the human being, also has the ability to make life easier and enjoyable for everyone.

However, sometimes the changes must be slow and not sudden to benefit as many people as possible. Technology is changing the world but is the human being changing at the same speed? Questions about what will happen regarding the advancement of technology have not been able to be answered beyond theories. But one thing is certain; technology is and will continue to change the world.

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