Intelligent Apps will Shape the Future


Currently, a digital stethoscope easily has the power to record and store a heartbeat as well as the respiratory sounds that come with it. Tomorrow, the same instrument could be an “intelligent thing” by collecting more information. This would be a breakthrough which would lead to more discovery as well as the improvement of that particular sector. Therefore, coming up with intelligent apps that are powered by AI will be the future of technology. Intelligent apps are among the top 10 technological advancements in 2017.

Functional Uses of Intelligent Apps

Intelligent applications are growing along two distinct functional use cases. This includes;

  1. Giving relevant data to the application user (person or team) that wants it, at the most convenient time and with the proper context.
  2. Automating simple repetitive activities that take time away from more value add activities.

All of these approaches take advantage of increasingly growing of structured and unstructured data that can be easily found and put into use by companies to make ideal and desirable business decisions. These use cases open up great opportunities to improve the accuracy of decisions as well as productivity. This combined together, is ideal for the employee as well as customer experience.

Intelligent apps mostly include modern technologies like Virtual personal assistants (VPAs). They easily have the capacity to transform and improve the workplace by making the workplace tasks easily done. A good example is that they can be used to prioritize emails. They also easily distinguish and highlight important content as well as interactions.

Areas Associated With Intelligent Apps

Intelligent app are not only leaning towards being digital assistants but also other technological areas as well. Major existing categories will also be affected when it is in full effect. From security tooling to enterprise applications that may include marketing or ERP will also be imparted with AI enabled capabilities.

Intelligent Apps and AI

With the use of AI, the providers of technology will mainly focus on three essential things. This includes AI-powered, advanced analytics and increasingly autonomous business processes and AI-powered immersive, conversational and continuous interfaces.

Intelligent apps are ready to take over. The next generation of business systems will be affected greatly. The access and breadth of use of embedded AI should be able to grow over the next few years.

The potential for removing distracting tasks from workers is the ultimate motivation for improving the use of intelligent apps. This will improve interactions with customers and could help improve the customer relations thus helping more and more businesses. In the end, they will have better revenues and inspire growth on so many levels.

The Future of Intelligent Apps

By the year 2018, we can expect many of the globe’s largest companies to effectively exploit intelligent apps and put into use the complete toolkit of big data as well as analytics tools. They will be used to refine their offers and improve the experience of customers worldwide.

The moment the employees will start experiencing the substantial benefits from intelligent systems using AI, accelerated development will be on their agenda. Deployment and adoption will soon follow easily. This will ultimately push the software vendors to find creative new intelligent apps.