Elon Musk New Mask Help You Pretend To Be A Billionaire


Most of us don’t know how it feels like when you are a billionaire. Maybe your dream about becoming a billionaire will not come true but now you are able put on a free Elon Musk mask and pretend to be a billionaire. This is not a joke; it is a truth. The Tesla/SpaceX founders Elon Musk face has been turned into four different masks made by two employees form Tesla and SpaceX.  They are available now for printing in full face size. So that can wear it.

Now you can choose from some iconic models. The regular one is Regular ol’ Musk. This mask badass. The feature of this mask is so bright that he is got to wear shades. The second one is Falcon High mask. It is a more natural looking mask. Then there is the third one, which is Been Better Mask. This is kind of a funny one. You will get a mask of Elon with a shrugging gesture.

The maskers explained why they created this project in a witty FAQ list. They create the project because they think that people should choose the path of extraordinary. In their words, “We Want More People to choose the path of being extraordinary”. They think everyone should wear the mask. Not only the people who are interested being extraordinary but also the people who are the richest man on the planet.


They clear the thing that Elon Musk is not personally involved in the project. This project is free and will stay for a long time. They even explained the to the would be Musk Maskers how should they feel about the idea. “You’re supposed to be surprised. Like, wow, why nobody thought about this idea before?”

It is clear that this is not a regular project from SpaceX/Tesla. They created it for fun and enjoyment. Though they explained many things but they did not clear out where should a person wear the mask. Where the maskers should wear it. Should they wear it in the Tesla Dealership for a Test Drive? Should they wear it when the bank is not giving them the money? Everyone can get a new idea about this interesting mask of Elon.

Now now, this is not the first pop-culture joke which involved Elon Musk though this is one of the funniest one yet. It is currently available for anyone to use and you will surly find a to use it in a place of your interest.