Saturday, October 1, 2022
reset iphone

How to Reset iPhone or iPad or iPod

In case you are selling or you want to repair your iPhone or iPad, you may need to reset iphone in order to delete your...
iPhone X face ID

How to cheat iPhone X Face ID

Cheatings for iPhone X are on internet. And now the most important one is the process to trick the iPhone X Face ID, an...

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Pop-ups in iOS

For the longest time, iOS has been known to be a relatively reliable and safe platform. However, the iOS has one slightly niggle that...
iPhone X news

iPhone X Problems: Read this before buying new iPhone!

iPhone X phone was on the market the last weeks, and now some users are talking about some iPhone X problems. However, Apple is...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: Features, price and…innovation?

Today, we bring very interesting about what, possibly, is the new Samsung Galaxy S9. After knowing when the mass production will begin and receive...
smartphone screen

Smartphone Screen and things you should know now!

Nowadays, one of the elements that we value the most when buying a new smartphone is the screen. But sometimes we get lost between...
security apps for android

Top 20: Security Apps for Android you should have!

Security apps for Android are important. And we know that Android phones are a gem of technology, so you should take care of security...
language translator apps

Best Language Translator Apps for Smartphone our TOP 5!

Discover the best language translator apps that help you learn a language better. Do you dream of learning Chinese, German, Spanish or English? Today...
iPhone X news

iPhone X News: Release Date, Price & New Features

The newly released iPhone X has joined the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in the new Apple line up that was released recently....
OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T: An alternative to iPhone X?

When talking about OnePlus 5T we have to remember that in recent years OnePlus has differentiated itself from its competition as the flagship killer,...