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How to cheat iPhone X Face ID


Cheatings for iPhone X are on internet. And now the most important one is the process to trick the iPhone X Face ID, an easy system which is able to let you get inside the “complicated” iPhone X. Before I talked about some reason to not to buy iPhone X if you don’t have all info. This article definitively proves my point.

How to cheat iPhone X Face ID

By way of mockery, through video or social networks, however, the signals to iPhone phones do not stop. Now it was the turn of Bkav, a company dedicated to security technology, who through a presentation showed how you can cheat ID Face for iPhone X to enter the system of these phones.

The iPhone X, the most expensive product of Apple, which among other things presumes the ability to unlock using the facial recognition of its owner, and thus avoid security breaches, proved the flaws of this application.

By means of a 3D printer, the Vietnamese company created a mask with different types of materials by adding a nose made by silicone. It was modeled by an artist and other parts were taken from 2D photographs.

In this way, one of his Bkav employees demonstrated the effectiveness of using a mask to successfully cheat ID Face for iPhone X. The production cost is 150 dollars, so it is practically accessible to anyone, which would mean a latent security threat.

Bkav said that the intention to prove this failure was with the aim of asking Apple. And return to the fingerprint sensor. Thus offer greater protection to their terminals, since they consider that facial recognition is simpler to rid.

Technicians of the matter point out that it is practically impossible to deceive the Face ID if you are not an expert in computer security. But with these examples they tear down the myth that the system of unlocking the iPhone X is infallible.

Is the touch ID better than iPhone X Face ID?

Damien Hugo, executive of the company Easy Solutions, said recently that although fingerprint authentication is good. Because it is the most comfortable method of all biometric factors. However, this method has several problems.

One of them is that, by using the fingerprint to block mobile devices, as in the case of TouchID. It left computer criminals remotely inform the software that the user’s fingerprint has been entered successfully. So hackers break into the computer without any problem.

In August 2015 several security firms met in Las Vegas during the security event ‘BlackHat‘. There, a group of hackers decided to take on the task of circumventing the security of some smartphones that have biometric security systems.

iPhone X face ID

In this way, they found that elements in the design of the fingerprint sensors are some of the risks. In the words of the experts, manufacturers still do not have enough experience to implement these security systems.

Although the fingerprint seemed to be the best choice, manufacturers like Samsung are focusing on creating other alternatives. This to guarantee the security of the information and the data of the users.

Conclusion about iPhone X Face ID Detector

Normally, when you go to buy a new phone you look security and versatility. iPhone X is still trying to find its way, maybe we should give Apple some time to check the mistakes and correct them. Also, this way to trick iPhone Face ID is catching our attention, and it will catch it in the future.

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