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7 Places to Buy Cheap iPhone: Find your iPhone at the best price!


Today, to buy cheap iphone can be a task to which all Apple lovers who cannot buy their new release embark. Here is a list of the best places to buy cheap iphone and save you a little money and be on the technological wave!

7 Places to Buy Cheap iPhone: Find your iPhone at the best price!

Ebay: Best marketplace to buy iPhones

It is the most used online site to buy cheap iPhone, either new or used.

On the internet you can buy a brand new iPhone, or if you prefer you can get a used device. In this case, you will find it much better price. But it means you’ll have to take a chance. Well sometimes to want to find it cheaper you can take an unpleasant surprise. In my case I have to say that I bought it second-hand, on Ebay, and it went like a charm, without any problem.

Besides, Ebay is a place where you can be sure of the purchase you make. Well when buying the iPhone you can read comments and criticism from other users about the seller. For example, you know if what you sell usually arrives in good condition or not.

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In addition, Ebay offers strict control over the products sold on its portal. There is no possibility that they will try to cheat you. If it is an iPhone on Ebay, it is an iPhone in real life. And the best, you can buy cheap iphone comparing prices.

The price of the used iPhone will vary according to the state in which they are. There are categories A, B and C to classify the iPhone according to their status. If for example it has defects, such as the problem screen, it will be as category B, or C. If it is in perfect condition, despite being second hand, they will appear with category A. In this case it will be a little more expensive.

Among the recommendations, I suggest you buy an unlocked iPhone so that you can use it with any company.

And not only you will be able to buy the terminal, if you want you can also get the case or case, chargers or other accessories for iPhone.

Amazon: Buy cheap iPhone  from Amazon

Amazon provides similar functions to those of Ebay. Well from this site you can also review comments about the seller, and the prices also vary depending on the state of the phone. Like Ebay, there is also strict control with what is sold. So there is no possibility of fraud.

You can buy cheap iphone and more smartphones just by browsing the offers of the users.


If you reside in the United States, Groupon has daily deals on the sale of refurbished iPhone. The price varies from 149.99 USD. that costs the iPhone 5C of 16 GB at 219.99 that you can cost the iPhone 5S, also 16GB.

In addition to the United States, Groupon also has its own website and App for Spain and some Latin American countries. So you can find offers on this website.

Disadvantage: The recent models of the company are not usually for sale.


This other portal can also help you find the cheapest iPhone. However, it is not exactly the safest place to buy it. It is practically impossible to know the seller, who at any time can cheat and sell a damaged and even not original terminal.

Finally, remember one thing: You have to be very careful. Before making the purchase make sure that what you buy is an iPhone and not an imitation. Well, in many cases, by not reading the specifications, users acquired terminals that looked original but in reality they were not.

K-tuin: Good option to find iPhone at good price

Not always the case but often the store specializing in Apple products, K-Tuin offers very attractive prices to consumers. Typically we talk about specific promotions so you have to be vigilant. There from time to time we can get to offer a 10% discount plus a little “money k-tuin” which is money you can use in the store to buy accessories and others.

Buy Cheap iPhone On Apple’s black fridays.

The last Friday of November Apple usually carries out a promotion called “Black Friday” and that has its origins in the United States. Sometimes, the iPhone is in the products on offer and again we are talking about a discount that typically reaches 40-50 euros in the case of an iPhone. This year can be a great option to buy cheap iphone!


Finally, this is a good place to buy cheap iphone that I got. You can bring it directly from China and thus save some money. Likewise, the page offers a system to evaluate sellers. In this way, you will know who to trust to make your purchase!

Finally, when buying an iphone at a good price, do not hesitate to investigate. Compare the practice of so many sellers until you have the cheap iphone you are looking for. Until a next article in technology tips!