Top 10 Technology Trends in 2017


Each and every minute technology keeps on growing and becoming better. 2017 has seen a fair share of new developments as well as the improvement of so many technological factors as well as features.

There are emerging trends that have gained momentum and they keep on breaking the barrier each and every day. According to analysts, the next 5 years are going to be very crucial because of so many factors in the technological industry.

The following are the top 10 technology trends in 2017:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Major strides have been made in the development of AI and at the moment many tests are being carried out. Artificial intelligence as well as advanced machine learning are majorly made up of different sets of technologies as well as techniques. A few examples include deep learning, natural language processing as well as neural networks and many more. These strides will ensure that machines appear intelligent are carry out different functions.

2. Intelligent Applications

Many apps have flooded the market this year that perform function that are normally carried out by human. They have replaced or improved the human aspect and assisted greatly. Some of these tasks have been made easier. In the next few years many of these apps will instill some level of AI. A good example is VPA apps.

3. Intelligent Things

Many strides have been made in different areas of technology. Smart phones (like the iPhone X), drones, and autonomous vehicles, among many have been able to make life easier. Different models have been seen in 2017 and yet more is yet to come.

4. Augmented Reality

Consumer as well as business content and applications have evolved drastically in this years and much more is to be seen in the next 2 years. VR and AR will soon incorporate so well and form a seamless system of devices capable of coming up with a flow of information that will be easy to use and improve technology.

5. Blockchain

Distributed chain as well as blockchain concepts are quickly gaining momentum because they are the future of technology and hold the hope of transforming models in the industry. They have the potential in the music world, identification, supply chain and many more. Currently they revolve around the financial industry but transformation is inevitable.

6. Conversational Systems

Currently the conversational system is based on chatbots as well as microphone enabled devices. The technological growth is set to handle access applications and information. Also they can be used in the interaction of people and businesses.

7. Digital Twin

This is an intricate software of a system that relies on sensor data to understand its state as well as responding to change. In addition, it improves operations and adds value. In the coming years, millions of items will be represented by twins that are digital.

8. Mesh Apps

The mesh apps as well as service architecture, mobile applications, web apps and many more link to the wide mesh of back-ends services to come up what users view as an application. This area is among the area that has developed broadly in 2017.

9. Adaptive Security Architecture

With the development of technology, there is also a security vulnerability that comes with it. Intelligent digital security and related areas create a more complex world. New remedies have been developed to combat this. These processes must be factored into IoT platforms.

10. Digital Technology Platforms

These areas give users a platform for digital business and are an important enabler in the digital business world. Every organization will have to get in on this. The platform is responsible for digital business.